A Whopper of a Fish Story

A Whopper of a Fish Story
Well, I like the Smoky Mountains a lot and I love the Townsend area.

My family and I have made 5 different trips landing in Townsend exploring and fly fishing the National Park. We usually camp in the park, but this time we were brining our dog.  We stayed at the Townsend Gateway Inn and had our best trip ever.  On the 2nd  day I caught a brown trout in the Little River that went just over 21″. I caught the fish 8 minutes from my front door at Townsend Gateway Inn –  10 minutes and the fishing would have perhaps been even better.  We stayed  2 weeks at Gateway Inn.  I caught lots of native trout during our stay.  It was a blast !   Everyday we counted our good fortune that we staying at the Townsend Gateway Inn – as the staff were so kind, helpful and the place was so pleasant.  A home away from home.  We had a great time and plan to return soon.

August 16, 2013

Gerry Morehead
New York City


I’d never leave my heart in San Francisco – but I might leave it in Townsend!